Hour Of Power X 4

It’s a rechargeable flashlight a night-light and an automatic emergency light with an audible power failure alarm. And best of all, you’ll get 4 for almost the price of one. tained. It employes the latest Integra-ted circuit. And, it’s UL listed.
Its waiting. It’s ready. And you’ll be ready too, for all emergencies with not just one, but 4 of these remarkable new automatic rechargeable security lights. SOPHISTICATED MARVELS This is no simple rechargeable flash-light. Sophisticated electronic circuits provide you and your family with safety, convenience and peace of mind. Just plug it into any standard wall plug. A green LED night-light with a vari-able brightness level control will glow showing you that the unit’s built-in nicad batteries are being charged. Whenever you need a best rechargeable flashlight, just unplug the Hour Of Power and you’ll have a full hour of light between charges. POWER WATCH DOG Here’s where the Hour Of Power really shines. If your power fails, the unit will sense the failure and signal you by blink-ing its LED very brightly and sounding an audible beep alarm. Now, you won’t have to worry about food spoiling in your refrigerator or your burglar alarm being deactivated. When the power fails, you’ll know.
You won’t have to worry about miss-ing work or the kids missing school be-cause your clocks stopped. Now you will know for sure. And here’s the best part. This incred-ible automatic emergency light source will signal a power failure for up to 48 hours. So, if you come home after the power’s been off, you’ll know that too. GREAT GIFT Each Hour Of Power (it’s called Second
Sight by the manufacturer) comes indi-vidually packaged in a handsome gift display box.
DAK has grouped 4 together for this special close-out offer. So, each is a per-fect gift for someone you care about. And, think about how handy it is to have a charged flashlight around the house. It will always be ready for work or play, inside or out, even if there is power. SO, WHY SO CHEAP? It’s made by People Protection Prod-ucts, a Mattel Company. In the light of current economic conditions a series of 10 safety products does not seem to be a good ‘corporate fit’. The dealer cost of each Hour Of Power (Second Sight) is shown on their price list at $12.97 which translates to a retail price of about $20 each or $80 total. DAK made a massive all cash buy on 34,000 of these sophisticated auto-matic emergency lights and we’re pas-sing the saving and the standard limited warranty on to you. EASY TO USE Just plug it in. Its safety functions are automatic. When you use it as a flashlight, its charging prongs even retract.
Its batteries and charger are self-con-
GET 4 HOUR OF POWERS RISK FREE Try the powerful flashlight. Enjoy the night light. And sleep soundly knowing that your electronic watch dogs are keep-ing their 4 computer eyes on your power. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return the Hour of Powers in their original gift boxes within 30 days for a refund. To order your 4 Hour Of Power Emer-gency Light Sources risk free with your credit card, call toll free or send your check not for the $80 ($20X4) retail price. Don’t send the $51.88 ($12.97X4) whole-sale. Send just$29 for all four lights and add just $3 for postage and handling. Order No. 9719. CA res add 6% tax. You’ll want an Hour Of Power in every bedroom and hallway. Plus it’s a hand-some gift idea. You’ll love always having a charged flashlight around the house. If you’re not a math wiz, our $29 price tag works out to just $7.25 each. Wow!
INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED TOLL-FREE ORDER LINE For credit card orders call 24 hours a day 7 days a we. CALL TOLL- FREE. . .1-800-325-0800 10845 Vanowen St., N. Hollywood CAopyric 91605

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